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Soccer Transfer Rumors 6/22

For any soccer fan, the offseason during the summer (aside from the MLS fans out there) means the summer transfer window opens!  For those new to the wonderful realm of soccer, this means that clubs can now begin to buy and sell players to make money and strengthen their lineups for next season, but the best part of the transfer window is the rumors, and this year like every other year is filled to the brim with some real juicy ones.  These posts will review my top 5 transfer rumors along with my opinions on them.  So without any further adieu, lets get to it! Read on

Web's pre-season NCAA Football rankings

As a foreword I would like to say that this is still an early work in progress, and as we near opening kickoff there will likely be many changes as the practices wear on. But without further ado, here are my pre-season Top 25. Read on

The United States of Soccer

The term "Football" means something completely different to our European cousins then it does to us Americans.  To most Americans "Football" conjures up images of brown, red, and yellow leaves falling around children as they play with a brown, eggshaped ball; their drunken fathers arguing about which team they like, the "complete horse shit" pass interfernce call or simply whose wife has the biggest rack over a set of burgers and hot dogs that are delicately burning on the grill. Read on

LeBron's Quest

Every NBA fan should know this debated question, "Who's the best player to play the game?"  I know for most fans winning a NBA title is everything, but as the question suggests it focuses on the individual player.  The team as a whole should be the argument most fans should question, but as a player there is only one answer that should be given, LeBron James. Read on